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Selling Service

Even in a strong market, selling property is never straight forward. The longer a house remains on the market, the harder it is to sell. Selling a mixed portfolio of different buildings and land can also be a challenge.

This where the Townhouse contacts book comes into its own. We have bought, developed and sold properties for ourselves, so we know how to source off-market buyers to get the best price for yours.

There’s never a shortage of interest because of the continuing investment in the Manchester market. So we would like to hear from you if you have a property or portfolio to sell.

Letting Service

Manchester is booming. Each month brings fresh investment to the city, both from the UK and overseas.

It’s a good time to be letting property but not everyone wants to be a landlord. Late rent payments, rogue repairers – surely there are easier ways to get a return on your investment?

Well, it depends on who you deal with, which is why Townhouse provide a guaranteed rent scheme, ensuring you get paid, on time, every month of every tenancy. And, with our managed lettings service, you won’t have to deal with contractors either. We do all that, and don’t charge a mark-up fee for our trouble.

We’ve never lost a landlord client yet – and now we are looking for more.

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