First time buyers guide to purchasing a property in Manchester.

October 20, 2014

Manchester is the 7th largest city in the UK and is situated within the sprawling Greater Manchester Built-up area, second only to London in terms of population. This vastness may be a source of discomfort for some first time buyers, who may be put off by such a huge expanse of settlement foreign to them, but Manchester’s size is by far its greatest advantage when looking for your first home. With so many contrasting areas, the city is large enough to allow everyone a change to find their perfect home in close proximity to the facilities and areas important to them, and all without the prohibitive prices associated with the London housing market. The guide below will provide some general tips for first-time buyers, as well as some key pieces of insider information regarding buying property within Manchester itself. Read on to find out more.

How to buy your first home

Contrary to popular belief, first-time buyers are often highly sought after by estate agents since they don’t come with the complications associated with selling one home in order to buy another. For this reason, many who had ruled themselves out of the housing market for reasons of inexperience may be the perfect buyers, even during challenging financial times. In this line, the single most crucial point to bear in mind when buying your first home is to find an appropriate conveyancing service. The value of an experienced and effective property management company, such as Townhouse Lettings, cannot be overstated, as you will no doubt find it an invaluable tool at every stage when buying your first property. It is all too easy to give in to the pressure on settling on the first estate agent who seems interested in accommodating you, but shopping around for the perfect agent is by far the best approach when buying a home for the first time. Make sure to get in contact with as many estate agents as possible when beginning the process, paying particular attention to the experience of the estate agent, and to the effort which the company’s advisers go to in order to make you feel welcome.

Communication is the key to an effective property sale, and must be kept in mind when selecting the right property management company for you; companies with poor reputations for customer service and communication are unlikely to broker the deal you deserve. In addition to frequency of communication, the company must be pleasant to deal with since you will be required to communicate with them on a regular basis and at every key point during the property deal. Finding a company which really makes the effort to engage with you, to listen to your needs, and to foster personal bonds with you and your family is the key to making your first property purchase a success, since trust, sharing and openness are the hallmarks of a successful estate agent-buyer relationship.

After your estate agent has begun to suggest appropriate houses for you to investigate, your relationship now involves the seller, with whom you must quickly establish a rapport. When it comes to thinking about making an investment in a property, preparing questions for the seller is the key. Asking about the history of renovations and building works surrounding the house is always prudent, and inquiring as to the number of prior viewings may provide an insight into just how many people are interested in the property (or more informatively, just how many aren’t). The length of time the property has been on the market is also a good indicator of its suitability, and it pays to look carefully at homes which have been up for sale for a prolonged time. This scrutiny may feel excessive, and you will no doubt find yourself rejecting some seemingly perfect houses due to comparatively trivial reasons (such as the vagueness of a response or a suspicious answer), but this process is worth the extra time involved to avoid unwelcome surprises after you have dwelt in the house for a while.

Your guide to buying property in Manchester

While the enormous size of this buzzing city makes it easy to find just what you are looking for in terms of the neighbourhood and building of your dreams, the size of the city presents its own challenges which must be dealt with accordingly. The commute to and from work, university or school is an important consideration, but for those who don’t mind spending some time on public transport, Manchester’s highly developed infrastructure network provides a quick and affordable way to make your way about the city. Because the fantastic infrastructure makes commuting to and from work so easy, some buyers prefer to ensure that their homes are located within walking distance of a convenient metro link or bus thoroughfare rather than the traditionally sought-after road networks, in order to make the commute as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Manchester is going through a major set of rejuvenations and upgrades as of late, so it’s important to approach the city without any preconceptions about the areas in which you are viewing properties. Districts which were once upon a time less sought after like Newton Heath which borders Didsbury, Northenden which borders West Didsbury and Whalley Range which sits beside Chorlton, are now vibrant sections of the city, full of new facilities and stylish buildings, all without the associated prices that come with traditionally high-end areas of Manchester. Whether you’re a professional looking for a flat in the city suited for professionals who needs to minimise the commute to work, or you have your eye on somewhere quieter away from the hustle and bustle, make sure to explore all of your options within the city of Manchester itself, and further afield in the Greater Manchester area.


Manchester is one of the best cities in the UK in terms of finding just the right home for you, so make sure and explore all your options fully when shopping for property within the city, or within the Greater Manchester area. Finding an estate agent is the first step towards achieving this otherwise difficult task, and the right estate agent should be able to provide you with all the tools and advice you need to bring your dream home even closer to reality. A high-quality estate agent like Townhouse Lettings will listen to your dreams and concerns about buying a property, and will tailor your viewings accordingly, so don’t stop looking until you find the perfect one. Why not give Townhouse Lettings a call today?

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